Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Moving Blogs!

For all of you who actually read my blog. I can probably count you all on one hand lol.
I've moved blogs!
I thought it was time for a fresh start.
I've been a very bad blogger up until now. But the situation has changed and I literally have nothing to do.

You can now find me at stem of sky

See you there maybe :)

Good bye Sugar and Blush!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 3

Day 3 of diet. I am hungry. But not as hungry as yesterday lol. 
Surprisingly, drinking green tea with lemon in it has curved my appetite considerably. I'm normally a crazy chocolate muncher at work. 

I have started eating salad with no dressing. It was tough! But lucky for me I love my veggies. So it wasn't too bad :) 

Notice all the cheese. Still need to cut it out! But I only had one slice! 

Monday, May 13, 2013

No sugar no salt diet

Today is the start of a no sugar no salt diet. It is going to be so hard. I love sugar and salt, as all normal people do. But I feel like I eat too much of it.
Trying this new clean eating diet. Or, at least, my own version of it. 

I will be posting updates on my diet progress. Right now I'm drinking green tea with lemon in it. 
... I feel tired. And it's only the first day! 
I'm allowed one day of bad eating. I will be looking forward to lord of the fries this weekend! 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Getting into watches and bright pink lipstick.
Lipstick is from Rimmel. And the watch and bracelets from Lovisa. Where else?

Planning to build up a whole collection of watches. I never used to wear them but now I can't understand how I managed to live without one for so long!

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Another New Year! I love Chinese New Year because i always get to eat steam boat :D

Happy new year!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Chain on the neck

Getting really into accessories now!
Wearing a Lovisa chain link necklace and Cotton On print sleeveless shirt.

Am trying this blogging thing on my phone now. I am so time poor now that I've started full time work, so hopefully this works!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Material Girl Aspirations

Picked up these awesome earrings in Myer today. 2 day sale! Only $10. Half price yeahhhh.
 Was never really much of a fan of Material by Madonna. Mainly because the clothes are clearly built for tweens. But the accessories are pretty killer!

(earrings - Material by Madonna, button up sleeveless shirt - Sportsgirl)

Have become pretty fixated on accessories these days. Might be due to the fact that I now work with accessories and see them everyday. But it might also be because of this 2ne1's accessories overload MV. Like seriously, the accessories are craaazy cool! 
Bit obsessed? Maybe....

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